What is Cherchez la femme?

'Cherchez laFemme'

Cherchez la femme' refers to men's attempts to pursue romantic liaisons with women. In fact, used in its loose English translation "look for the woman", expresses the idea that the source of any given problem involving a man is liable to be a woman. That isn't to say that the woman themselves are necessarily the direct cause of the problem, but that men behave stupidly or out of character in order to impress a woman:

"I know most time when those men lose money you say 'Cherchez la femme' - there is somewhere the woman."
                   -Alexandre Dumas 1864

Your DVMN right Mr. Dumas; NOT! This is where DVMN laFemme comes in……We were created to break this Cherchez laFemme stereotype by showing woman how to embrace your authentic, sexy, feminine side, and BREAK OUT! It isn't our fault the universe granted us with such great assets; distract him while boosting your confidence ladies. It is time to embrace your laFemme and let these men have it. Try that new hair cut you've been dying to get. Switch up your look for a night on the town. Lastly, LETS JUST BE REAL! I’m not telling you all to burn your bras and chunk your lipgloss into the trash. No, I’m telling you to be your truest self in your actions, in your words and in your fashion. Im not trying to be cliche, but all of the red lipstick, little black dresses, and Agent Provocateur lingerie will not cover up insecurities; lets be confident ladies. Start there and the rest will fall into place. We will be here to help the whole way. It is absolutely impossible to authentically be a sexy, feminine woman when your inner dialog makes you feel like crap. Kill the negativity and embrace your inner laFEMME. Its about DVMN time to let it shine.



DISCLAIMER: DVMN laFEMME is a 'sub-set' sister brand to DVMNPIGEON. LLC. DVMNPIGEON is our big brother brand. This is owned and operated by Raven Skyler, partner to CEO of DVMNPIGEON NY, Eddy Knoxx. This one is for us ladiesSHOP Cherchez laFemme

Thank you,

Raven S. Wingate